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  Anonymous said:
What is the hardest thing about doing a nuzlocke?

Grinding. And losing Pokemon….

  Anonymous said:
How many messages do you get a day? Approximately?

I sometimes get none, sometimes get 30 a day (usually if I open requests and ask for recs of stuff). But on average….2?

  Anonymous said:
Excuse me, is there a way I can not see your "HOT TF2 YAOIZ"? No offense towards you, I'd just rather not see that kinda stuff. =^=.

There is a magical application called TUMBLR SAVIOR. Just filter out “slash” and all my yaois go away.

…I guess it’s been a while since I drew gay.

  Anonymous said:
do you have any advice for a young bright-eyes on doing nuzlocke comics?? like, anything that would be helpful for a newbie really!

For game tips this is a good thread!:

But I’m assuming art tips…which I have under this new tag I just organized.

Or you can browse this tag for other, non-nuz art advice.

  Anonymous said:
May I ask what your brush settings are? I find line art to be one of the most difficult parts of digital painting. Usually I transfer something from paper and trace over it since the moment I start drawing free hand on PS, all my spatial perceptions on proportions are thrown out the window XD; What are your tips for sketching/line art making for digital art?

Oh god lineart is one of the worst things to get right…alot of my stuff I am never quite happy with.

My brush settings are the default settings on Photoshop for the most part. I do occasionally try other brushes I download online to see if I like it.

The more painterly style pics are done with 30-100% opacity and 50-70% flow.

  Anonymous said:
I noticed in the Q+A that you use roms for your nuzlocks. May I ask which DS rom you use? I have yet to find one that works well for me...

I used DeSmuME for BW and HGSS, and No$GBA for DPPt roms.

But ngl, no current emulator can run a HGSS rom very well…they just keep crashing.

  Anonymous said:
hey kynim~! i'm like one huge fan of your art ESPECIALLY ALL YOUR GIJINKAS OMG TOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway i'm also doing a nuzlocke run of leafgreen and a comic tooo <3 Just wanna thank you for that FANTABULOUS tutorial you did on how to make comics~ although the general layout of the panels looks a bit too similar to yours. I hope you don't mind about that D: Gahh it's getting long but but but: i'd like to ask whether all the stuff you draw like really happened in the game! (battle-wise)

EEeeeeeeeee Thank you for finding my things useful and helpful ;_;

I honestly do not care if you copy my panel layouts…they change over time for me anyway. As long as the comic does not look like a carbon copy of what I do (which is not the best way to narrate a comic), I probably won’t mind or notice.

For my nuzlocke run, I do draw MOST ofthe events that do happen in the game. But some do get shortened (in my recent update, Elesa’s battle had more aerial ace turns that I didn’t bother drawing) or slightly changed (i.e. not all rival encounters are drawn accurately). But this is because nothing significant happened game-wise (aka no one died) so I have some creative freedom there.

Death scenes I do show with some more accuracy. Still, I sometimes abridge the deaths if it was repetitive. I lost Freddie and Peter in one battle and Walter in a later training session.  However all three died because of a lvl 17 Throh that I could not escape from first turn (so I stupidly ended up fighting it), I drew it out as if all three died under the same Pokemon.

Hope this helped!

  Anonymous said:
You'v probably already got asked this by many other people but, what was your brother's reaction to your TF2 fanarts? [the one who introduced you to the game. notsurehowmanybrosdoyouhavesob]

I have one brother LOL (Don’t worry, it’s all good uwu)

Generally, he likes my TF2 stuff. I am assuming you are wondering how he has reacted to my TF2 slash art….and he honestly has not seen that many. Thus far the slashiest tf2 fanart he saw from me was this pic. I guess this pic too.

He KNOWS I draw slash and gay things time to time and he does find it weird (he has said this openly) but hasn’t hated any of it. I think the “hey my sister can draw cool stuff” overrides whatever dislike he has with slash. But then I never draw nsfw stuff around the house ever…

  Anonymous said:
why do you delete so many posts? i mean i can understand the really personal stuff but a lot of it isn't that. just wondering :u

Here are the kinds of posts I will delete from this blog:

  • Personal things that I don’t necessarily want around too long
  • Ask/question game replies that were fun but still clutter the blog
  • Petty things that annoy/embarrass me moments after I post them
  • Time-sensitive posts that become irrelevant
  • Old art posts that I no longer want because they are bad
  • Reblogs of links/videos/etc that are broken and no longer useable
  • Reply/reblog posts that become irrelevant after the intended recipient has gotten the message (I really really hate having long convo/reply text posts)

TL;DR I am a bit ocd and want my blog to have specific things. I don’t consider this blog very personal and would like it to look a certain way.

  Anonymous said:
when did you started drawing?

It all started when I was 5 or 6 years old.

My best friend (back then…I lost contact with her) and I watched the Korean dub of Swan Princess and we decided that we should try to draw that shit.

The rest is half-shameful, half-proud history of me trying to find a good art style.