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This isn’t a “lol look at this comment so stupid” post. This is a FYI post.

I am very aware some people like my Diamond comic over my White comic but no matter what, I really am not going to make this current run into a comedyfest like the first one. Until this series is done in the way I want to, do not expect the lels to come easily.

There will be some light moments but overall the tone is set to the point that adding in stupid jokes is gonna make things works. I had planned SINCE 2011 that this will be a bit somber so if you don’t like it, drop it and don’t come back.

And you can’t defend this as a crit because the tone was built up and it is not a problematic element in the comic. It’s a matter of personal taste and if you don’t like it you should leave.

That is all.

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  4. headphoneraichu said: Personally, I like the White run more the the Diamond run. I read the first few pages and liked the way you made Team Galactic pretty goofy, but I got tired of it after a while. This is much better in my opinion
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