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So I know a quite a few nuzlockers have made journals/art about that 2013 Nuzlocke Extravaganza thing that happened a few days ago…and I am going to join in on the celebration.

I surprisingly won first place in all the categories I was nominated for…like seriously, I really was not expecting this at all. If anything, I am incredibly surprised and honored for this. I really cannot thank you guys enough for supporting my comic this much.

Honestly throughout this entire extravaganza shenanigans I was not feeling great at all. I was going through a ton of tough academic issues in school so I was trying to not concern myself over these things much…but I still got a some shit concerning my run getting nominated/being voted for on various categories. Overall the entire tension between voting and nominating got bad for me that I felt unhappy and tried to avoid the polls and forums during this period.

I doubt the hate over my run is going away anytime soon, but the fact that a majority of you guys were supportive of my projects and irl decisions just really makes a difference to me. 

ANYWAY, I really thought this year’s nominated runs were really great and I believe you should check them out here. FYI, I included the second and third place winners of Best Rival/Saddest Death/Best Plot/Best Comic in the pic above as tribute to the artists/writers who got their work recognized!

If you want to check them out, click the links below.

Best Rival

Saddest Death

Best Plot

Best Comic

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