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On the internet, I go by Kylee or 키님. If you want me to see a post, tag it under kynim or kynimdraws.


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Name: Milo
Nature: Docile
Ability: Flower Gift

Milo is Leif’s squire….she really tries hard to be a good knight but has flighty tendencies. She also likes to make idle petal fortunes and  enjoys reading poetry. Unsurprisingly often is mistaken for a boy. She does not mind it though. Her twin sister is Nora, who likes to occasionally make her dress up more in girlish clothes for parties and such

So I KNOW I made her originally a red, normal coloration but ingame I did get a traded shiny flabebe (after getting shinies I kinda didn’t expect). And I thought it would be good to update her profile with this one hahahaha;;;;

Gomen for reposting old art

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