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Yes, clearly having a description of your pokegijinka OC is incredibly dumb and unnecessary. What was I thinking 

June 25, 2013 with 64 notes
  1. infinte-flight said: That you we’re a creative and smart being, unlike everyone else, who are fools wanting to pull at your tail and laugh. Otherwise, yeah, you did wrong. JK Fuck that guy/gal.
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    I’d really love to know where this mentality to not give a crap about a single sentence, or even a single WORD an artist...
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  9. ezeqquiel said: Clearly, there was no need to make this post. This post is unnecessary. In fact, this very comment is unnecessary. I am unnecessary.
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    In their defense, they didn’t say it was dumb, just unnecessary (meaning they were intimidated by the daunting task of...
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