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So as I mentioned a few posts back, I went to PAX EAST with my med school friends! As seen by the photo above, I was dressed as Chell. 

Here are some highlights of today

  • Despite being on the lower end of the cosplay quality scale, I got many compliments on my costume. My friend was dressed as FFVII Tifa and we were in a bunch of group shots together
  • There was some cosplay feature in VideogamesAwesome and I was part of their broadcast! The hosts said Happy Birthday to me (yes I was that asshole who said it was my birthday)
  • Saw really cool videogames! I wish I had time to play the demos of the more mainstream stuff but the lines were too long. The indie games were really cool :>
  • I met lyrical! She was helping out with a table selling merch
  • My only weird of the day was some 16 year old Whovian randomly approached me and my friends and started to follow us around. It would not have been too bad except she kept on talking about how amazing Tennant was and trying to entertain us with unfunny puns…eventually we lost her somewhere in a crowd later in the day
  • Also it was weird not seeing any Homestuck cosplays at all. Maybe that might change when the game comes out idk

Overall, really awesome time! :D

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