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I also finally started to watch Dr. Who (in order)

All this time I watched fragmented clips ok don’t judge me



I don’t get the hate for this man he is adorable

December 23, 2012 with 74 notes
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  5. iringrin said: I love the 9th doctor too. Not enough love out there for him.
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  10. tremblecat said: 9 is best.
  11. gray-seas said: I know, right?? Ever since my sister and I started watching we were like. THIS GUY IS SO PERFECT?? How come he only got one season omg
  12. cleavesisalady said: Yes good. I’m glad you didn’t skip nine. Nine is wonderful.
  13. 66ul6asaur said: I just want to say THANK YOU FOR WATCHING IT IN ORDER no one seems to do that and I don’t know why ninth is the best
  14. cutegengar said: 7 seasons of feels. Have fun!!!
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    Hell yeah he’s adorable. Look at that smile. Don’t tell me you don’t want to hug him, you LIAR.
  16. franklesshobo said: best doctor
  17. kurisuumakise said: AHAHA OH SNAP Have fun with the feels fest~
  18. ridethebull2o14 said: Nine is my favorite. I will never understand why more people don’t like him.