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Family visits make me so damn moody……I should be grateful yet there are so many little things that piss me off…

I suppose my tweets sort of hint it but there is this frustrating language nuance barrier that I overlook because when I get pissed every “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” sounds like an insult, which makes things worse on my end

Good things from the past few days

  • Visiting grandparents (one in the country and two in 안양) and uncles/aunts/cousins I haven’t met in ages is a fun time
  • Getting money because everyone wanted to “make up” for the 용돈 I didn’t get the past 10 years….this was very unncessary and I also gave money as gifts to them (sort of like giving back again but not?) because family is weird like that
  • Catching up on family news…idk, hearing it firsthand is more interesting than over the phone/email
  • I hope to meet some Korean tumblr people in 홍대 and have definite meeting dates for this week!
  • Food

Bad things from the past few days

  • As beautiful as the country is…it’s really really boring and somewhat depressing
  • Watching TV kdrama nights are the worst even with me rifftraxing
  • My grandma’s house (the countryside) has an outhouse that I still hate to use
  • Leaving the grandparents is really heartbreaking
  • My grandpa’s mind seemed fairly sane while I was around but it was hard to tell what he is thinking and he still forgets…
  • The sense of being alienated in your own home country (as distant as that is mentally) is kinda sad
  • Endless talk of getting a KOREAN boyfriend I don’t like any of them here give me a break
  • Talk of plastic surgery I stopped that shit quick even if the money I got was basically saved for that and instead I got a haircut
  • Still mad about missing Urromance GUHHHH
  • I wish some meeting dates will be confirmed faster because I honestly don’t have that much time here and I want to meet people
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  1. avocado-slice said: I knew Koreans loved plastic surgery, but to the point that your family would encourage it…?
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