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I really don’t understand why this is necessary.

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    Because you have to make sure they know!
  7. springdragonfly15 said: Obviously the only way to ease the butthurt was to show off some piddly Pokemon.
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    OH MAN, Some People. I legit chortled.
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    Oh wow. It’s like if Tristan had event Victini.
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    What I don’t understand is why they felt the need to specify the level of the pokemon and how they got them.
  16. shieldkid said: seperior…
  17. swayingscales said: Man, he’s rectal ravaged. He needs to learn how to take a chill pill.
  18. sunshinepatch said: omfg what is AIR
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    FEMALE used COOTIES! It’s Super effective! ANGRY TWELVE YEAR OLD fainted!
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