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I kinda get very annoyed at these kinds of comments…..

EDIT: No, he was clearly talking about N’s Tympole during the battle you have in Nacrene.

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    This is the billionth time I’ve said it but I’ll say it again. People are STUPID.
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  4. bagleopard said: oh my god, i hate how he plays it off like he was “Just Kidding” like um no you fucking werent you were completely serious and now you look like a massive dick for it just saying JK does not excuse you >x( i hate that shit
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    I love when even I have more of a grasp on typings of base stages than others. Honestly, how hard is it to run to one of...
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  7. goingloco said: I hate this pokemon.
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    wow what a dick about it too
  10. theargylegargoyle said: I like how Tympole and I are making the exact same face right now.
  11. strontiumsun said: woah and here I thought he was both like his evos… well don’t I feel stupid.
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