An MD/PhD student who draws things. This blog can be NSFW!  

On the internet, I go by Kylee or 키님. If you want me to see a post, tag it under kynim or kynimdraws.

Currently: wandering eye(s)

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Could I kiss you and make you a queen
or something in between


cul8r guys, going to hell with the devil, kylee


They told me that there was no saving you

Ah some of the reblog tags for that Stone Ocean pic is beautiful

Remember that I always cherished you

Random snivy sketch

Drawing in large dimensions makes my brush strokes look like ass

Giant babies both of them ;w;

MFW people make passive aggressive comments/posts about your art instead of telling you directly via an ask/submit. I mean, I never turned off anon for a reason.

I mean at least even the meanest of anon asks lets me know what the problem is so I can actually fix it. Shitposting about my art on your private blog and assuming I don’t accomodate is bullshit.


Someone suggested this and I rolled with it

  Anonymous said:
your art is so lovely!


Ahh thank you anon!

Omg i love your jjba art so much

Oh god, really? ;;;

Thank you!!

I should have quit but instead I took care of you

Friendship means ugly selfies while wearing each others earrings right

I’m too tired to fix up this 60 min jojo prompt OTL

  Anonymous said:
Are you ever going to start your gijinka ask blog up again?

I’ve been super unmotivated with it and school has killed my drawing activity again sorry

I’m too tired to work on this further.