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On the internet, I go by Kylee or 키님. If you want me to see a post, tag it under kynim or kynimdraws.

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Filler extra, but I think we need it especially since I have a lot of things planned :)


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I have a sudden urge to draw a good end Stone Ocean comic someone please stop me

  Anonymous said:
this isn't really an ask. actually it's not an ask at all. but i just wanted to say that i had a dream that i met you irl and that you were super cool and friendly and awesome and you treated me to frozen yogurt, even though i don't really like frozen yogurt, but i enjoyed it anyway because i was hanging out with you and we drew random pokemon together and you laughed while patting my back and said thank-you for all the drawings i made for you and then i woke up and cried cause it wasn't real...

;;;w;;; aaah

NGL I would actually do this irl ahahaha…one day anon. One day u.u


I just finished my 60 min jojo art challenge because the topic was POKEMON

You can’t just dangle that oppurtunity at me internet I HAD WORK TO DO


Freya: What did ya expect, a striptease? ;)))

I was so tempted to draw her in a sports bra and shorts but eh


Atlas: And uh, I guess you can hold the wooden sword! The steel one’s kinda sharp and you can get hurt :o

Hercrosses are qts


Figured it’s about time I do one of these. Lazy graphic is lazy. I may have forgotten some people but I think I got the majority - forgive me if we’re long-time mutuals and I screwed up and left you out!


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oHHHH MY GOD I never was in any of these forever follows before ahhh ;;;w;;;

Thank you for adding me in this!! <3333

You don’t need to cry anymore my child

Happy Ending MIKA -


happy ending // mika

this is the way that we love
like it’s forever
then live the rest of our life
but not together

Karasuno’s Guardian Deity

aka the libero of my heart ;w;

kiss kiss

fall in love

Maaan I forgot to post this but ART TRADE WITH swampkipsscribbles!!

It’s his rad OC :)