A medical student who draws things. Most people know me for my odd Pokemon Nuzlocke Comic.

Korean American
MD/PhD Candidate
Yale 2012 Alum
Currently in Boston

On the internet, I go by Kylee or 키님. If you want me to see a post, tag it under kynim or kynimdraws.

Currently: wandering eye(s)

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  Anonymous said:
Hi kynim! Just wondering if you allow your fans to cosplay as your Gijinkas! They all are so cool/cute and seem very simple for a simple cosplay. Also do you attend any conventions if you can?


Just give me credit when you do!

I have had like at least 4 people who has said they planned cosplay my gijinkas but I never heard back afterwards so far…..

I got nothing to say about this other than stream is a terrible influence

  Anonymous said:
Since you seem to be the shiny master, where are you favourite places to shiny chain?

FFFFFFFFT I am not really a shiny master tho………….

I really HATE chaining but if I had to pick it would be Route 5

  Anonymous said:
Hi Kynim, i was wondering what the first shiny you've ever found was. My first (technical) shiny was a shiny Spearow on my sisters Leafgreen game, and she hasent let me forget it since.

My first technical CAUGHT shiny that wasn’t a Red Gyarados was this Klang in a friend safari

  Anonymous said:
Where did you chain for the Goomy?! There are so few good places to chain in X&Y. Just a note, you can chain for Klefki in Route 16 (yellow flowers) relatively easily if you have something with Magnet Pull! Beats smashing through flowers trying to find the same Pokemon by sheer dumb luck.

I chained in this area!

NGL it’s a bitch to radar there and I only did it because Goomy


Also I might just Friend safari search the Klefki ;w; I’m done with radaring



  Anonymous said:
In competitive battling do you tend to stick to OU, or do you do UU as well? or just mons you like?

I battle with mons I like, and support/complement them with mons that can cover their weaknesses. My first wifi team was all OU except for the mon I built the team around. So it’s a mix of UU/OU??? 

Also is the UU smogtier out already I’m kinda behind on these things

I tried chaining again after many failed attempts in the past and I finally got a furfou aahhhhhhhHHHH ;___;

And given that I had to deal with someone trying to bother me by trying to do a Google video chat (and I don’t even know the person well???? and all he did was piss me off in the past with random questions and even finding my skype???), this is a nice present.

*cries because my fav shiny since Gen 3 is now mine*

EDIT: I know it’s a Gen2 mon but I didn’t care about the shiny version of Shuckle until Gen3 because blue shuckle in gen 3 and beyond > purple shuckle sprite in gen 2 :U

  Anonymous said:
My permanent image of you is drowning in shinies.

Such a tragedy ;w;

  Anonymous said:
i'm really sorry if someone has asked you this already, but where did you get your pokemon xy rom? and the emulator too please :) (hope i'm not being annoying, also keep up the good work!)

I don’t think there is even a XY rom available yet…


Did a quick drawing of Kynim’s version of Hydreigon while I tested out some new brushes. (colouring ended up being horrendous though)

I used Photoshop for everything.

Awwwwwww this is adorable ahhh <333333333

I’m glad you like the design enough to draw it!


I was half-joking about huntin for a charmeleon and this happened…the edgezard is here

TBH I am not a fan of the shiny MegaZardX but hnnnnn default shiny zard is lovely

  Anonymous said:
What pokemon do you want to find a shiny of that you haven't found yet?

I have a general list of shinies I want but for some I am not bothering to hunt them because the methods in which I am going to get them are too annoying (i.e. chaining, MMing). I did do 2 MMs on purpose and 2 accidentally masuda’d shinies but I don’t enjoy hatching eggs all day…

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