A medical student who draws things. Most people know me for my odd Pokemon Nuzlocke Comic.

Korean American
MD/PhD Candidate
Yale 2012 Alum
Currently in Boston

On the internet, I go by Kylee or 키님. If you want me to see a post, tag it under kynim or kynimdraws.

Currently: wandering eye(s)

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  Anonymous said:
i'm really sorry if someone has asked you this already, but where did you get your pokemon xy rom? and the emulator too please :) (hope i'm not being annoying, also keep up the good work!)

I don’t think there is even a XY rom available yet…


Did a quick drawing of Kynim’s version of Hydreigon while I tested out some new brushes. (colouring ended up being horrendous though)

I used Photoshop for everything.

Awwwwwww this is adorable ahhh <333333333

I’m glad you like the design enough to draw it!


I was half-joking about huntin for a charmeleon and this happened…the edgezard is here

TBH I am not a fan of the shiny MegaZardX but hnnnnn default shiny zard is lovely

  Anonymous said:
What pokemon do you want to find a shiny of that you haven't found yet?

I have a general list of shinies I want but for some I am not bothering to hunt them because the methods in which I am going to get them are too annoying (i.e. chaining, MMing). I did do 2 MMs on purpose and 2 accidentally masuda’d shinies but I don’t enjoy hatching eggs all day…

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u and ur shiny babies need 2 calm down 



Ooh Ooh - Eric Nam

Send kpop help this is really cute


…. kynimdraws is there something you’re not telling us?

pettyartist beat you do it LMAO

Also my apprentice in battle maison is terrible

  Anonymous said:
You've been getting a bunch of shinies, some through hordes. Have you ever seen more than one in a horde yet? My girlfriend recently found two Shiny Hoppip in one and nearly cried.

Oh god I haven’t….and I don’t want to….


  Anonymous said:
Do you think you will ever make gijinkas of your favorite shinies you've caught?

This is one the list of things I will be doing after I get out of USMLE hell

I literally need to re-vamp my gijinka ask blog and re-do my gijinka roster from scratch because I have many new members and re-made members that need updates.

  lunarid said:
I really miss your nuzlocke updates. I think I'm having withdrawals. But I can wait a few more months until you get back on your normal track. (and away from the USMLE) You got this, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

I’m also experiencing nuzlocke withdrawals but I will live.

I just need to survive May.


I fail to see a difference here

Moar hordes!! I’m happy with this

EDIT: Lil Green did not have Pokerus when I caught it. I had another team member that was infected, so the virus transferred over.

I like the outfit I wore today so here’s a rare image of me not being a stressed mess now…I’m kinda regretting that my friend took a side view pic because my coat just hides everything

Srsly tho my ponytail is magically not in this shot why

>horde EV training for SpA only

>this thing comes up 

>Unwanted Atk EVs get!


EDIT: I already corrected the atk EVs with a Kelpsey berry. I need to grow more of those…

  Anonymous said:
Please hang in there. If you can't then I can't. I've been so over stressed with homework and school that I've had suicidal thoughts. I'm going to keep trying so you have to too.

I do complain quite a bit about my work but I will try my best to get over this and I am really looking forward to the summer where I will be able to do all the projects I want to do ;3; Those fan tears don’t make themselves

Also anon, please don’t think suicidal thoughts because of stress! Please keep trying and keep yourself happy with whatever makes you happy/relaxed.