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Zeronos is trash

Zeronos: Hey Kynim
Zeronos: I was tricked into seeing some dumb JJBA bara art and someone just posted "Dying Whale Noises" as a response
Zeronos: What the hell does that mean?
Kylee: I guess a poorly executed jotaro joke???
Kylee: But I keep thinking of the kyogre pic
Kylee: where it made whale noises at the ORAS announcment
Zeronos: I'm surprised you haven't made gijinkas of Kyogre and Groudon as silly gay dads with a Rayquaza daughter
Kylee: my motivation has been low son
Zeronos: The struggle of learning the dark magics of medicine
Kylee: it really is
Kylee: also I would make rayquaza be the oldest out of the three so
Zeronos: Like learning how to prescribe over-priced medicine with a straight face
Kylee: pfffff
Zeronos: See? That right there is why you're taking classes
Zeronos: Also, it would be a little Rayquaza they adopted. Only she can stop their hot-blooded arguments with her cuteness
Kylee: Don't enable me
Zeronos: Oh I think I will~
Zeronos: Your pencil is right there
Zeronos: just a little sketch
Kylee: Actually I'm eating
Zeronos: it won't take up too much of your time...
Zeronos: Right~?
Kylee: Also was this a thinly veiled jjba shipping insult
Zeronos: I have no idea what you're talking about...
Kylee: throws you in the trash

Sketches and failed linearts for this pic without the cropping

The struggle is too real

Nuzlocke gijinka commision for quintession :)

For commission info, please look here. I am currently a bit swamped so if you don’t mind the wait, def contact me!

Remember Me Augustana -


Remember Me | Augustana

Remember me, please remember me

Will you miss my smile every once in a while?

Will you think that I was worth your time?

◥▶◀◤ David: jesus christ
◥▶◀◤ David: i went sailing today oh my god it is technical af
Kylee: it is
Kylee: I just came back from whitewater rafting :D
◥▶◀◤ David: so we both came back from the water?
◥▶◀◤ David: NICE
◥▶◀◤ David: kylee
◥▶◀◤ David: i guess you could say
◥▶◀◤ David: we're pretty good at SHIPPING
◥▶◀◤ David: do you SEA what i did there
◥▶◀◤ David: you: david WATER u doing


"So Kakyoin, how do you feel knowing our daughter can kick your ass in Pokemon?"

"……….Shut up."

FYI the only reason I put them in horrible matching PJs is because couples clothing is a thing in Korea and I felt like drawing that js

Avdol is pretty and I’m finally getting the hang of drawing him maybe


I was planning to draw this for the longest time. It was an inspired by an online RP between me and Kynim and two of our gijinkas meeting at a bar. Of course this all ended in inappropriate touching and said bar being burnt to the ground. But these two had a fun time regardless

Hell yeahhhh :DDDD

Thanks man!


This is an overdue profile bios for the Gym Leaders featured in Myths of Unova! I hope you enjoy :) 

You can see the full image here!


Interested in the comic itself? Check the links below!

[Deviantart | Smackjeeves | Tumblr Blog | Nuzlocke Forums]

Yoooo look what I finished hahaha

  Anonymous said:
So once you achieve your MD/PhD, will we still be allowed to throw apples at you or would that make you disintegrate?

The PhD part gives me apple negating abilities so technically yes

But I’d rather you give them in bags so I can make some pie outta them :)



I really like Dahlia!

((HNNNNNNNNNNNNNN I need to reintroduce her back in my roster but not rn ;;;;;; THANK YOU DEAR!

I just checked my pokegijinka blog and I missed these babies ajskld;fjasdf

I’m a bad ask blog mod lmao



I just wanted to share this and let you know that Becky is adorable <3 


  Anonymous said:
how happy are you that you dont need a mii to fight as yourself



Gijinka commision for Manu :)

For commission info, please look here. I am currently a bit swamped so if you don’t mind the wait, def contact me!